Winter is coming, time to get ready

Car Care - Winter Tires

Choosing the right cold weather tire

Living in Metro Vancouver is ideal, we think it is the best place on earth. Vancouver is also

  • located in a rain forest, as everyone knows, which means lots of rain;
  • typically has 4 to 8 weeks of very cold temperatures each year;
  • close to world class ski resorts which means people will often drive to the mountains for a day or weekend;
  • located in a large province and driving into BC interior means an entirely different winter environment; and
  • cold enough that some people will drive south to Palm Springs or Phoenix to escape Vancouver winters.

Whatever your winter holds for you, Hyack Excel Tire can ensure your tires are in good shape and your vehicle is ready for your driving needs.

Today's Tires are complex, each tire model has difference performance characteristics. You can't tell how a tire will perform by its appearance and you can't take them for a test drive. You need to talk to a tire expert.

This video, by Consumer Reports, compares high quality tires and cheap tires in the key performance areas so you can see the difference.

Hyack Excel Tire knows the performance characteristics of all the major tire brands and will help you select the right tire for your vehicle and driving needs.

How to choose the right cold weather tire ? You need to talk to a Tire Expert - Hyack Excel Tire.